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Sunday, 7 September 2008

4D Ketupat In Ramadhan

I thought I would like to end this week's blogging by mentioning something odd that I noticed while reading a Malay newspaper during breaking fast just now. It was in the sports pages that I noticed that buried there were numerous advertisements for phone linked 4D results including for winning numbers forecast. Some ads even had the cheek to decorate their advertisement with ketupat graphics in this first week of Ramadhan. Well all this confirmed that these advertisements were purposely targetted to a Malay, in this case, supposedly Moslem audience inviting them to continue their gambling vices in this month of greatest piety and holiness. I have no idea if this a daily insertation or only on Sundays but this practise should stop. I don't need to blame our religious authorities for overlooking this greatest of insults to our Moslem practise, but to any Malay newspaper that accepts such advertisments for commercial gains. You know who you are! Whatever it is, this situation should not be prolonged and tolerated further!

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