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Friday, 19 December 2008

Unheralded Until Shit Happens!

It is ironic that after my previous post, it has come to light that on the day our brave men on KD Mahawangsa came back from their deployment unheralded by the media, the naval vessel that took up their stations in the pirate infested waters of Somalia was called into action to save a Chinese merchant vessel, beating off the pirates with shots from the ship and her helicopter. Only now are our media trumpeting the effort to the public after the fact. Sadly KD Inderasakti herself could not save Malaysia's own ship that was hijacked on the same day, but with only one vessel in the area what do you expect when the so-called Naval Coalition in the area admitted themselves that they do not have enough ships to effectively cover the whole area in order to keep the ships transiting the area from harm. Anyway this incident marks the first time our naval ships has fired in anger in an international operation, and thus proves they have the will and the teeth to do harm if necessary, despite claims of cissyness by some dumb Malaysian bloggers who were disappointed that we did not go in with guns blazing when we rescued the MISC ships. We would not want to repeat the Indian Navy's gung-ho mistake of sinking the victim's ship while the pirates' got away scot free, do we? Especially when the rules of engagement are still not clear, and for those nay-sayers who wonders why we did not manage to capture the pirates themselves, this is the reason why our men did not engage to capture the pirates as your bloodthirsty hearts may have wanted. I quote below :

Enough said eh?


Anonymous said...

They say, wise men didn't talk to much. Only dumb fools bellyhood yaeh? Hurrah for the Navy..

Hafiz said...

They say, wise men didn't talk to much. Only dumb fools self "proclaimed admirals and military genius" bellyhood as if they know everything. Three cheers for the Navy..

Anonymous said...

I read with pride and admiration of our brave RMN personnel that came to the rescue of the Chinese ship. I was in the Middle East a few days ago when I first saw the news over so many news channel. At that time, the nationality of the rescuers were not yet revealed.

Alpha said...

Perhaps our media is controlled by Elliot Carver - "There's no news like bad news"....hahaha