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Friday, 6 February 2009

So Is This The People's Rule That You Want?

The Super Rakyats Who Think They Can Do Whatever They Want, Including Stopping The Royal Entourage and those arrested are not even from Perak

Go On! Read all about it on the blogs that are martyrising the dumb people who are protesting the Swearing-in ceremony of the new Perak MB in Bukit Chandan. Are these 2000 odd people so representative of the Perak Rakyat that they can go above bounds and interrupt an official ceremony without being put in line by the authorities. Who do these people think they are, some super rakyat who can do whatever they want while spouting nonsense that what they are doing is right while ignoring legal niceties. You may think what you are doing is right but that does not make you right. And nobody can adjudge something is haram just by hinting at improprieties without proof. Anyway that is god's work! As it is, proof that you will do and say whatever it takes to further your cause is ample enough to be plainly seen. I just pray that God grant you 'intelligent' people the foresight to finally realise that your kingly and godly leaders have wooden feet actually. Mob rule does not equate to a people's courtla! And political rantings does not mean you are powerful! So enough is enough, let go of the MB'ship. Remember, you are the ones who said a vote of no confidence can be called when the Dewan sits in April. So walk the talk or shut the hell up!

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