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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

KD Hang Tuah To Return Month End

KL Security Review has reported that KD Hang Tuah's deployment in the Gulf Of Aden will end at the end of the month. And I speculated wrongly in my previous post that this would deprive the navy trainees from on board training, as KLSR has reported that the trainees are actually deployed on this voyage with the main benefit is to allow the trainee officers to carry out its mandate to study ocean-going training and experience. This is a good strategy by the RMN to utilise the funding for this voyage to also provide ocean going to the trainee officer, which due to lack of resources the Navy rarely emulates the major navies' midshipmen training ship round the world voyages. Nice going! You guys are really stretching the dollar for the good of the Navy.

Post Script
From a newspaper article that appears on the day after this posting was made, the RMN CNO was quoted as saying that Ops Fajar was to be terminated due to the economic slump that is happening whereby fewer merchant ships are moving in the danger area. The high cost of monitoring and escorting the merchant ships through the Gulf that is fully borne by the Navy was another factor in the decision to terminate the operations.

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