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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

So this is humane society?

Hmm I wonder how could innocent dogs that was doing what comes naturally after not being fed was put down rather than tranquilized and maybe fed so that they would calm down. Was this a case of tidak apa or pure laziness or some sort of payback thought of by some smart ass in the team. The dogs are already judged and despatched even though their owners have not even had their day in court. These council workers should have their wrists slapped for this blatant inhumanity instead. It would have been easy to call any of the animal protection societies to handle the dogs if they are not up to the job themselves.

BANTING MURDERS: Lawyers' nine dogs put down

Six Rottweilers, two Dalmations and a bulldog were put down by lethal tranquilisers at the poultry farm in Sungai Gadung, believed to the scene of a quadruple murder.

The officers were seen entering the farm at 8.15am and left about two hours later with the carcasses in a pick-up lorry.

According to sources, since the murders were uncovered, the hungry dogs which were left unattended became aggressive and attacked other animals in the farm, such as goats, ducks and chickens.

The source said police had told the district council to catch the dogs but the team despatched to the area decided to put the dogs down as they were aggressive.

The carcasses were taken to the Sungai Sedu landfill in Telok Datuk, near here, to be buried.

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