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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Wake up lah!

Last night most of the Malaysian FB postings were about the price increases effective today. But yet I see people are lining up to buy the Ipads or whatever the latest smarphones is in the market, gold at 155 per gram, smokies for 10 bucks a pop and methinks these are the same type of people still griping they can't afford to drive their latest sportscars or new proton inspiras or whatever with such price increases.

And to me these are the also ones who are saying that the government are fooling around with our country's money. To what standards are you holding our government to when I have yet to see Malaysians die of starvation, country people catching rats for food, people rioting for food aid, cars abandoned by the roadside due lack of fuel or whatever images that you see from countries that are truly poor. Until I see again beggars in rags at our mosques or wherever, and Malaysians and not those foreigners preying on Malaysian generosity, I shall not complain but adjust accordingly. Malaysia and Malaysians are not that special to escape economic realities.

Yes prices are increasing, but I still don't want to leave a country in debt to my children. So deal with it.

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