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Monday, 11 July 2011

So who is the louts now?

For those suddenly who has turned yellow, answer me these same questions that the police asked of the rioters! ''apakah 8 tuntutan yang dikemukakan BERSIH?' and ''Dah habis baca dan faham ke AKTA PILIHAN RAYA 1958 sebelum keluar behimpun tadi?". Ever thought why when the Royal Audience was granted the so-called demands was not handed over by your angelic leaders and why ignoring the Royal Decree not to rally makes you yellows the thugs and degil kepalas of the story? Think about it and then we can talk!

And joining a riot and not expecting to be gassed and sprayed really brings your level of intelligence to your kneecaps to me. Frankly.

This old man of the street displays far more intelligence than all you 'intelligent' people summed up together.

He quotes from JFK but do you know what he is quoting and what it means.

Without Fear Or Favour.

Your Friend who dares tell you the truth of the story.

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