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Thursday, 28 June 2007

I am getting old..

What a day...yesterday on the way back from Bintulu, I left the kek lapis that I bought in the taxi that took me to the airport..i only realised that fact after I went through immigrations and by the time I called the cab, he told me that he was far away already and wanted to charge me 10 ringgit to return the cake...I told him never mind as the cake only cosy me 15 ringgit, not worth it but I am sure I will not be using him for my next trip there...if he had been more reasonable and asked for 5 ringgit then i would not have minded as the distance was not that far away actually...

The next incident that happened was when the mineral water bottle that i put in the side pocket of my backpack somehow came out when i was putting the backpack away on boarding the plane..i thought water was only seeping from the cap but the bottom actually cracked and there was some spill on the seat of the guy sitting next to me..lucky the guy was a reasonable chap and did not make a fuss, so a bad scene was avoided..Anyway this is the second time i left something behind on the way back from a business trip and the first time such a stupid thing happened to me, so i must be getting old as my travelling skills do not seem to be as sharp as previously...i am still tired from the trip and has not bounced back as fast as I used to do from such trips...and more business trips are coming I hate being a road warrior at this stage..hmm wonder if should take up kitchen modelling franchise that KJCraft offered?

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