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Monday, 25 June 2007

Ikan Bakar Bellamy- An Update

Those who may have read my earlier blog may have read about me saying that the gridled fish at Seri Melaka stall in Bellamy has gone upscale price wise but gone down scale taste and service wise :>). Well I did say that I will try out the last stall beside it and last Saturday I finally did it with my family. Well we were test driving the new Perodua Viva from the Sungai Besi showroom and the nearest hilly area that can simulate my home area was Bukit Tunku. Thus we drove around by Bellamy a few times and finally after the deal was made, I brought the family over for the Ikan Bakar since my tastebuds were already aroused by the thought of eating there, though the wife was a bit worried about what the kids will eat there.

Well she need not have worried as the shop had grilled cockles for the little one and gridled catfish for the elder one. In addition I took ikan cencaru (torpedo shad) and a calamari but the wife later remarked that we should have taken another catfish as the elder kid basically polished it off leaving only a small bit for the mom. Well this should tell you that their gridled fish was great as my kids are so fussy eaters coz I guess I spoilt them a bit in the food department, and if the taste does not satisfy them, they are sure not gonna eat it. So of these two critics love the food there, I can assure you you will too. The best thing for me was their sauce, as their soya sauce with shallots and chillis was the way I like it though my wife said she preferred Sri Melaka's asam sauce.

I did some net research and it seems the place is called Ikan Bakar Ramli, though I could not find any signboard to confirm it. Anyway it is the last stall besides Seri Melaka and the above is a picture of the place from another blog, though I cannot be sure they are talking about the same stall based on their description, especially the pricing. All the above gridled fish with three nasi campur(mixed rice with vegetables and additional meat) only cost me RM28, so I have no idea why this blog states their calamari itself cost RM20. Well the proof is in the eating so you might as well try the place out for yourself as it sure has improved. Like the makcik who calculates your bill said,"She's been with the stall when they had 5 kilos of fish but remained unsold, until now when to get a seat is problem." So be wise, come early or be prepared to wait for a seat to land your butts on before your mouth can start savouring the food.

Great photos from this site and here is another photo of the place where as you can see there is actually no signboards, just that price list poster...

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh Bellamy, my favourite Grilled Seafood Place as well. Memang betoi...last skali aku pergi, Sri Melaka charge RM20+ for the Calamari. Betoi ke gerai sebelah(1st gerai) lagi murah? How abt the third yang den terliur dah ni!