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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Dreaming Of Lobsters

One of my friends posted an article on his blog about the pros and cons of eating lobster and it got me thinking about the lobster we had at Jade Garden Restaurant in Sungei Rengit near Desaru Johor. Technically a crayfish, the crispy fried lobster we had was the nicest we had tasted. Coated with curry flour and fried in the style of butter prawns, the crispy coating and sprinkles that came with it was heavenly. Surprisingly not oily, the flesh remain firm and juicy and eaten with the sprinkles gave it a notch up the taste standings. It even stood the test of time as we brought back some leftover to be eaten the next day and the lobster was still nice and firm without reheating. Together with 600 grams of soft shelled crabs and one tofu and another vege dish with fried rice, the damage was only about 100 ringgit, surprisingly affordable as in KL even one lobster can cost in excess of 200 ringgit. But yet for somebody coming from KL, it will still cost you about a thousand plus for lodgings and transport as this is noway a daytrip treat. Hmmm must keep dreaming of when we can go there again.

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