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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Wendy's coming back, Carl's Jr is already returned

Surprise!Surprise! After writing about Wendy's previous short stay in Malaysia, Berjaya Corp just announced that they are bringing back the franchise by end of the year at the earliest. (No mentioned of Wendy's earlier foray eh?). Anyway as far as I remember there was nothing memorable about Wendy's burger except for that advertisement campaign, so I guess they have their work cut out to re-establish themselves in the land of McD, A&W and BK (I guess the joints with acronyms made it easier to be more memorable to assist their staying power in the Malaysian market). If they manage to survive, at least it gives me a wider choice of burger to chomp on. But today it will be 1901 hot dogs for lunch.

Now when will somebody bring over the "Red Lobster" franchise? Come on, dare to be different. There is a market for premium quick service. Vic Station can survive for 18 years already, why not Red Lobster whenever it arrives?I cannot wait to sink my teeth into lobster served without all those sassy stuff to make it a premium dish. I just wanna taste the sweet meat only laaa. And if their surf and turf menu is a bargain like shown here, that will surely be my favourite dish to order whenever I dine there.

And my oh my, what a surprise! It seems that Carl's Jr has silently returned to our shores with the opening of their new outlet in 1Utama in July this year. Not my area so I didn't have a clue they are back. Anyway looking at the reviews, Carl's has returned as a premium quick service outlet with prices to match. The cheapest combo seems to be around RM12 upwards but they said that the burger size fits the bill, so that should be okay. Look at the size of the burger that I cilok from this blogspot. Now waiting for an outlet to open nearer to downtown or my home and then will check it out for my self. Now who says there is no market for premium quick service eh? I hope they have a long stay now.


Patrick said...

Nice food review! =)

sophistikated lady said...

why did Carl's Jr not work out the first time?