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Monday, 12 November 2007

Two Dumb Ideas From The Recent UMNO Convention

I have no wherewithal to really follow the matters raised in the recent UMNO convention but some of the issues raised in the convention highlighted in the media really raised my goat due to their sheer short-sightness, biasness and plain dumbness. Come on people! Your party is getting ready for a general election and here you are shooting yourselves in the foot and negating all you leadership’s efforts to show the People that UMNO is a party that is with it.

Forget the drum roll as they don’t deserve one but here are two dumbass ideas that managed to immediately attract my eye and distressed my brains. I may write more later if I find the will to discuss anymore such inane ideas.

1. The fella who suggested that all local university lectures must be held in Malay.

Hello friend which century are you living in? Here we are trying to raise our level of national competitiveness in the world stage and here he is going insular in the use of the Malay language. Promoting the use of the Malay language is fine but if this an attempt to help Malay students with a crutch because he cannot hack it studying in an English language environment is a sad reflection of your stage of mind because you forget that the fool will need to survive in an English speaking real world. What is the difference between our local students and those thousands of students that our government led by UMNO leadership has sent overseas? Do these overseas students study in Malay in these foreign lands? Are you trying to create an elitist class of graduates where these people are internationally mobile while the unlucky ones that has to work at local dead end jobs because those international corporations that we attracted to the Economic Corridors find that these local graduates wanting so they import foreign workers under the guise of expatriates. You want to see all those foreign pump attendants, factory workers and manual labourers who actually have university degrees and are itching to get a job commensurate to their qualifications fill these premium jobs that we created for companies that needs internationally savvy people in the positions. Man if these people can learn to ask “Hijau atau Merah” why is it so hard for our Malay students to master a simple language like English that uses the same alphabets and similar grammatical rules and structures. I can assure you it is more difficult to master Arabic, Mandarin or Japanese language.

I personally take it as an affront to my old alma matter who has managed to turn out tens of thousands, or is it hundred of thousands now of graduates who can thrive in English language companies as their lectures are held in English. So much so that these graduates are much sought after not only by major local companies but major international corporations. This leading edge was given to these students for the simple reason that the institution realised that they are initially seen as a sort of country bumpkin university compared to the various government universities, so they needed to gain the prestige that can only be obtained when their graduates do well in the real world. And I am glad they have done it as also attested by the various university ranking surveys. So please take a leaf and learn how to support our Malay students as what this institution that was actually created to support the Malay students has done. Ensure that remedial English classes are part of the core curriculum in the early semesters. Segregate the ones already with a good command of English from the rest so that you do not hold them back, it is all a matter of credit hours anyway. This is no different from the program to prepare those students going overseas students who needed to undergo intensive language classes. So why this cannot be done the same with our local students. Proof of the pudding you say. Ask which alumni the successful management class in the various corporations belongs to and I am sure many will say they are a product of the same Alma matter as I am, even when they have gone on to further studies in foreign Ivy League universities. Oh yeah if you are still wondering which institution I am referring to, it is simply the MARA Institute of Technology, the acronym of which really fits the bill. So the conclusion that I can make? Make sure that lectures are taught in English in order for us to compete with all other the nations that are already racing to do so, otherwise our local students will be left behind with that big crutch that you are trying to give in such a simpleton gesture. Playing to the gallery does not mean you can mortgage our future competitiveness.

2. The lady who says Air Asia Uniforms Needs to Cover Up

Here we have a world beating company and someone comes up with the petty idea again to criticise their air crew uniform. Flogging the dead horse again eh as this critique has been floated so many times that I get bored with the same response that Air Asia has to give each time. If you are talking about decency and such, make sure your male cohorts eyes and minds are clean first, as otherwise such uniforms will not excite them in the first place. And please remember that foreigners also use the airlines, and I am sure they do not really notice such things, its service that counts for them. So instead of being a fashion police to an airline that has not used public funds to make a success of themselves, why don’t you turn your thoughts as to how our public funded airline can become world beating again instead of trying to turn themselves into a second rate “world class” entity. Better still think of how you can spread the message that the correct meaning of covering your Aurat in Islam is to not only your hair with headscarves but to cover all skins and your body form. Hopefully after that I will not see anymore short sleeved t-shirt tight fitting jeans belly button showing chicks with a mini telekung walking around. Now these actually aroused me more that chicks in micro skirts and tube tops. And these bitches in tudungs have now become great actresses in 3gp clips it seems, how pious is that.

Enough said.


And for those louts who love confrontational head-to heads with our Police force, I hope you enjoyed the itchiness of the water canon, bruises and cuts and whatever you may have endured during your dumb demonstration last Saturday. Do you really think you impressed rational citizens especially in Kuala Lumpur who you ruffians inconvenienced to support you and translate it to votes for the opposition? Man you guys achieved your mission of submitting your petition for clean elections, and yet you hooligans chose to disrespect the law. If you guys really want to show you really have the people’s support, call for a boycott of the coming election and if the present government is revoted-in with less than fifty percent turnout, then you have something to shout about and capitalise on. Otherwise please shut up and can the theatrical antics you imported from our neighbours. You have the nerve to call them uncivilised social misfits when they go to the streets, but how different are you when you do the same. Do you really think that our ordinary citizens will not think beyond your demonstrations that if your type of people who disrespect the law openly somehow becomes the government, anarchy may become the norm like what happened over there? The irony is that across town the government big-wigs went for a peaceful Hari Raya gathering with the ordinary people. They must be really impressed with your little side-show. Goes to show that dumbasses populate both side of the political divide.


Alpha said...

What does she do everytime she's aboard Air Asia flights? Oogling the girls?

mumuchi said...

my thoughts exactly ehehehhehehe