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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Putting A Spring Back Into My Steps

I have had a hectic few weeks of travelling for the past three weeks, so much so my body had cried out in protest. So on Wednesday after a meeting I hung out at the Mall wondering where I could get a good massage because nowadays those that are available at hotels are either “chicken coops” or “tourist wallet traps’. So as I walked around after eating lunch at Medan Hang Tuah, this incidentally is still my most favoured hawker centre for splendid and economical local fare, I saw outside a Chinese reflexology centre offering needle less acupuncture treatment and massage. I have had a massage session before at such a Chinese style centre but without such acupuncture or reflexology treatment but this time looking at the goings-on from outside unnerved me a bit and I abandoned the idea.

So I went around and on the way down the escalator I saw a banner for Thai reflexogy massage centre on the floor I just passed. So I went up again and had a peek at the centre and it looked the same as those prevalent in Bangkok but which I did not have time to patronise before. So I went in and had to wait for around twenty minutes before a masseur became available, and since this was no hanky panky place it was male. The session started with foot reflexogy before proceeding with a full body massage where you only needed to take off your shirt. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised as the impression I had of any reflexology treatment before is that it would be a torturous affair, or at least a ticklish affair, but the one offered here was actually quite comfortable and agreeable. And I must say the masseur was quite an expert, as he managed to locate all the problem veins and areas and proceeded to do his best to heal them with his magic hands. I totally surrendered to his manipulations and was rewarded with a refreshed body that to this day still retains the light feeling.

However the masseur complained that I should have taken the two hour session to completely relax my body as he had to condense his treatment methods to fit the one hour session. I told him that I was just taking a break from work so I could not spend much time, but don’t worry as I would be coming again over the weekend and this time with my wife to further the treatment. Anyway I had another pleasant treatment when I went to pay after cooling down with the complimentary jasmine tea, as the whole thing only cost me RM32 as they had a Happy Hour period in the afternoon during week-days that I had overlooked. Anyway their promotional price is already far cheaper than any other similar centres and this will continue indefinitely as I guess they have a problem attracting clientele as the Mall is not actually a good place for people looking for such things. But for an experience that has put in again a spring to my footsteps, I am sure to return soon.

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