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Monday, 24 March 2008

The Story of A Political Leprechaun

This is not a story of a political animal as to call it one would demean animal kind. However a leprechaun has no such moral qualms so it is most suitable to call the political creature as such. So this is why this story is a story about a political leprechaun. This story is set in the land of grace where the leprechaun made a deal with the nation’s supremo to temporarily lay his pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in the hinterlands of peaceful valley for a single term, to be returned to their rightful owners at the time the valley people makes their next choice. This is because the leprechaun leads a tiny group that has no strong base, thus he needs such a charitable gesture to gain a threshold to plant his flag and lay down his pot of gold. However when the time the next choice making arrives, lo and behold the leprechaun pulled a fast one and refused to vacate his end of the rainbow. This caused a crisis as the state chieftain was reminded by the peaceful valley’s rightful owners of the deal and that they wanted the land back. So it passed that this treachery caused the chieftain much headache and grief as the leprechaun turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the spirit of his collective collectiveness, ironically something the leprechaun’s own group supposedly champions. In order to calm the stormy winds blowing through peaceful valley, the chieftain made the ultimate sacrifice, putting the peaceful valley’s rightful owner to run in the chieftain’s peoples’ valley instead at the time of choice making, which caused the spirit of the chieftain’s people who were natives of the land of grace to break .

The day of the people’s choice finally dawned and by dusk the leprechaun’s pot of gold was proven to be filled with fool’s gold, as he was chased away by the people of peaceful valley. Yet the surprise was not the leprechaun’s defeat and demise, as the valley people had shown their displeasure openly about the treachery even before the day dawned, but what fate had in store for the land of grace’s chieftain and his leadership. Though the tsunami that arrived throughout the nation also claimed the usual suspects in the land of grace led by the upheaval in peaceful valley, the surprise was the chieftain and his people also could not withstand the waves. Alas the rejection of the peaceful valley people also claimed the chieftain and his people, so much so that he lost his chieftaincy by the narrowest of margins. And to add salt to his wound, the valley’s rightful owner won the people’s trust in the chieftain’s village, and thus was elevated to the nation’s council of chieftains.

But this is the story of the political leprechaun, and he showed his true colours when he claimed that the people had actually rejected the rainbow collective and not he. He further showed his audacity by unsheepishly saying that it was the rainbow that was rejected by the people, not his pot of fool’s gold. Worse still with no shame he claimed he and his pot of fool’s gold was being courted by the victors, though why they want such a loser and for what means beats the logic of reality. Now the leprechaun is left holding the pot of fool’s gold, resorting to sniping to convince his gullible flock that still remains that he is still relevant and the pot at the end of the rainbow is full of real gold, and not fool’s gold. But the advice to this leprechaun should be this, do a lemming and jump off the cliff, and you will be doing the rainbow a great favour.

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