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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Eating The Bullet.

I wonder if the recent fuel price hike is really affecting our people as many politikuses are making it out to be. Well as I have heard many times when sitting down for a meal, many people are talking about how after a period of adjustment immediately subsequent the announcement when there was a marked decrease in traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur when people forsook their private vehicles for motorbikes or public transport, they have now gone back to driving on their own. How else can you explain the return of the traffic jams, which I personally feel are worse than before, and the number of large vehicles are still as many as I have seen before.

And many people's disposable income may not have decreased by that much, looking at two foreign events that are coming to our shores. The first is the international football event by a British Premier League team that is scheduled to challenge our National team in Shah Alam stadium at the end of the month. They must be very confident of attracting many of our citizens to watch the event as it is being held in an eighty thousand plus capacity stadium, and even if they fill only half the stadium they would have earned a cool 1.3 million ringgit even by multiplying the lowest ticket price of thirty-ringgit. And here we have people complaining that the local league ticket prices has increased but still cost less than the cheapest tickets for this event. Sheesh!

Well I have no intention of going to this football match as I am no fan but I worry that the kids would want to see The High School Musical-Disney on Ice scheduled for next month. I have already warned them that one Disney On Ice show a year is enough so do not expect to see this event this time. I can't afford another expensive outing so soon after the last one in April. The funny thing is that I would have thought that after being burnt the last time The Disney On Ice was here with show and venue cancellations due to lukewarm response, this show would have given Malaysia a pass this time especially with the so-called crisis reports coming out from our media. But if you look at the ticket seller's calendar of events, you would realise that Malaysia is actually quite a destination for various types entertainment shows with ticket prices that is nothing to sneeze at. Disney may have been encouraged by the response to the recent Disney's Beauty and The Beast Broadway Musical, though I have no idea whether this staging was a success or otherwise.

Well let's see how we Malaysians fare in the next few months. Are we really able to absorb the price increase or otherwise, proving that we are really in general a resilient lot as as we have done both in 1988 and 1997, or this time things are different and we will all sail down the tube. I personally feel from all the indications that we will sail through and weather this storm, so just be patient until the speculative current bubble bursts and at that time we would realise that we have actually bitten the bullet and taken the bitter pill that we needed to come out of this crisis a better and stronger people.

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