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Monday, 7 July 2008

One Statutory Declaration I Wholeheartedly Support

Continuing my practise of posting interesting articles, and this I wish we Malaysians would support wholeheartedly...

Let good sense prevail


I, R. NADESWARAN, a citizen of legal age and resident in Petaling Jaya in the state of Selangor, do solemnly and sincerely affirm and state as follows on behalf of the majority of right-thinking Malaysian citizens:

1. I verily believe that the statements below are the thoughts and expectations of the majority of right-thinking Malaysians who are sick, tired and demoralised by the turn of events over the past three weeks.

2. We also believe that the voices of the people have been heard through the ballot box and that the views of the people have to be respected, irrespective of whom they have chosen as their representative(s) or choice of government. In this context, politicians and political parties must exercise care and restraint in their bid to promote their political leanings.

3. We believe in the political maturity of our politicians who have gone through a tried and accepted system which allows for dissent without resorting to libel, slander and defamation.

4. We are sick and tired of the current issues where politics has degenerated into the gutter and the country’s resources as far as law enforcement agencies are concerned, are being used for such purposes instead of to ensure the safety and security of citizens.

5. We vehemently protest the use of cyberspace by anonymous persons, some hiding under pen names and pseudonyms, who are posting racist remarks which are viewed as attempts to encourage hatred among the various races in the country.

6. We also take umbrage at cyberspace being used anonymously to slander and defame innocent parties who are apolitical, with their private lives an open book for all and sundry.

7. The majority of the people of Malaysia want to continue living in peace and harmony in the climate which has prevailed over the past 50 years and we believe that any attempt to hijack the current environment must be thwarted by all means.

8. We believe politicians should use the avenues available to them instead of making public accusations and charges which have yet to be substantiated.

9. Right-thinking Malaysians agree with Rev Wong Kim Kong who says that leaders accusing each other of immoral conduct do not boost public confidence.

10. We want the government and its machinery to attend to immediate concerns of the ordinary rakyat like the increase in food prices and an efficient public transport system instead of being embroiled in accusations and counter-accusations involving politicians.

11. We believe that several thousand man-hours have been wasted on fruitless activities, which if devoted to the well-being of the country and its citizens, would have been better utilised.

12. We believe that the political bickering has stooped to such low levels that attempts must be made to ensure these do not lead to untoward incidents.

13. We believe in the rule of law and that the law must take its course if there has been any offence committed by anyone, irrespective of status and position.

14. For a sign of how public anger at the current situation is boiling over, look no further than the blogsites of ethical bloggers who write with disdain, pulling no punches. The postings from readers to their comments are indications of the people’s feelings.

15. We believe that politicians on both sides of the divide should draw strength from the many weaknesses of leaderships of other nations, not just their mistakes in policies, but their failure to rejuvenate their own political systems, or to deal with a system that had lost touch with the needs of the rakyat.

16. We believe finger-pointing, police reports, press conferences, statements and releases are not the answers to finding solutions to the ills that afflict our society. We believe that an all-party conference must be held to sort out the problems before they become full-blown.

The intention of this declaration is to make a clarion call to the prin-cipal actors in this whole shameful episode.

The message we want to get across is: Enough is enough.

Let us get on with our lives without distractions of medical reports, police investigations and other ingredients which are used to spice up conspiracy theories.

Subscribed and affirmed by the said R. NADESWARAN.

R. Nadeswaran is Deputy Editor (special reporting and investigations) at theSun. He can be contacted at

I believe many subscribe to the same feelings nowadays and wish this clarion call be heard.

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