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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Let Law Takes It Course

“Let the law run its course. At this point, nothing can be said, for every individual is innocent until proven guilty.” These are your words as quoted in the newspaper my dear Menteri Besar when commenting on your executive councillors arrest for graft. Yet you go on and accuse UMNO and Barisan Nasional of orchestrating this whole episode as a conspiracy to topple the state government. His Deputy even questioned the speed and timing of ACA's action against his men as a political move. The Menteri Besar even suggested that the claims against his men to approve or expedite the induced action is beyond them. So you can accuse other people of doing wrong while your people's wrongdoings must be decided by the court eh? The fact of the matter is that the suspects were detained immediately after accepting the money and the State's ACA Director herself stated that the money was found in a bag belonging to one of the suspect, identifed as one of the Exco men in a newspaper report. So let the court decide whether your men are angels or otherwise, shall we.

By the way if these Parti Rakyat members are really angels, why is it that a PKR Division leader and two others have been held by the police in relation to the assault of the photographers when it was previously intimated that these were the work of fifth columnists. And still it was claimed that they were helping the photographers by protecting them from the mob. So again shall we let the courts decide, shall we.

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