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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Wither Art Thou PKR?

ACT 1. Degrading Without Substance

Well I did not want to comment on the stupidity of Tan Sri Khalid’s comments on my alma mater recently, as I do not really care about the suggestion to open up a percentage of the enrolment to non-bumiputeras, as it may actually improve our student’s performance. Nonetheless to say UITM students and by extension her alumni “were unfriendly, of poor quality and non-competitive” really gets my goat. Thus I agree with what the Univesity’s statement that Tan Sri should apologise for making the statement as it was not only false but unethical and degrading to the university. I must ask if Tan Sri has recently looked at where this supposedly unfriendly, poor quality and non-competitive students has ended up in the job markets. Are they not holding positions of power not only in the corporate sector but in his own political coalition. I wonder how they ended up in such positions, eh? Well you may think other multi-polar universities are doing better than UITM like UIA that you chose to give as an example, but why don’t you quote your own alma mater as a perfect example. Or do you know that something is rotten in the state of Denmark? By the way UIA by definition is an international university with foreign students in her fold by charter even, so how can you compare with UITM that was established to level the playing field for Bumiputera students? We do not really need your politikus apology my dear Tan Sri, just your sincerity in taking care of our students welfare. Or is this some kind of payback because an UITM student had the temerity to bring his state government to court for not keeping their election promise to give cash rewards eh awards to Selangor born tertiary student, you think?

ACT 2. From Mob Rule To Lynch Mob?

Well in 1997 our society saw the beginnings of Mob Rule whereby actions by a MOB is considered right just because it was popular by a vocal group of society, regardless if they broke the laws of the land while they are doing such actions. Well the silent majority seemed to have given tacit approval for such actions by giving the proponents of such mob action their votes in the last election, and this may have emboldened them to now step up to organising lynch mobs to act against people who they feel are threatening their interests. Two recent cases involving hitting photographers and in one case stealing their equipment by people identified as opposition’s supporters, against what in any other civil society are held up as beacon’s of truth, shows the underlying mentality of these people who believe in mob rule aka might is right. Is this an example of a progressive society because the last I checked such actions are actually usually carried out by lawless people. So are we as a society are actually regressing instead if we continue to accept people breaking the laws with impudence? What adds insult to the wound is the cheek of a spokesman from the party that implied it was fifth columnist who had actually assaulted the victims, as if the victims are so dumb as not being able to identify their assailants. Well if our society can continue to accept such intimations, then we deserve to live in the turbulent times we now live in.

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