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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Are Hefty Men Accepted As Sexy Here?

Watching the TV recently it hit me that locally men that is heftier than normal seems to be an accepted image locally. Watching Afdlin Shauki nonchalantly strut his big potbelly and mammaries on TV in the telemovie Madu Tiga Babak Keempat while Harith Iskandar struts his changing t-shirts with his belly hanging out for Celcom in their TV advertisements shows how such hefty men seems to thrive in their popularity despite their larger than normal physique. Come to think of it our own Prime Minister in Waiting also has a rounder physique than his immediate predecessors that in an article I read somewhere praised him in wearing well made suits that enhances his profile. Even roly poly men like Akademi Fantasia graduate singer Bob has his own fans that have looked beyond his belly to be enthralled by his sweet voice so another AF grad Aizat should accept who he is instead of trying to starve himself to death in order to come down a few shirt sizes in order to win some additional fans. And I would like to add that personally I am myself amazed that even though I myself has gone to seed as amply demonstrated by my photos here, I still manage to turn a few ladies’ head myself when I dress up for important meetings and such. So does this mean that as long a man projects an image of suaveness, his body size does not matter. I wish the same could be the same for the ladies but I guess it is a cruel world we live in eh?

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