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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Stop Meddling Into Our Religious Affairs!

Although I have noticed some sniping in our mainstream press towards the recent fatwa against tomboyism like the article below, I did not give it much thought as I consider this would be the work of some pathetic misguided individuals who just like to challenge the status quo.
And what about our very own special brand of discrimination, Fatwa on Tomboys? The National Fatwa Council, this paper reported recently, has ruled that tomboy-ism – where a girl behaves or dresses in a boyish manner – is forbidden in Islam. seemingly, the decision was prompted by the recent propensity of young women to behave like men and indulge in homosexuality. The Star 9 November 2008
Nonetheless I was a bit surprised that the Inspector General of Police had to take upon himself to issue a warning to non-Muslim NGO's to stop publicly challenge the fatwa, either through street demos or remarks, as such an action underlines the seriousness of this challenge against the very foundation of our civil society by creating another avenue for divisiveness and partisanship. I wonder on what basis these people think that they have a right to meddle into other people's religious affairs, especially since they may have zero knowledge of the religious requirements itself, especially as the IGP himself remarked "This proves they have no respect for other religion because the fatwa was issued for Muslims. Why do they have to be the one to demonstrate?” he asked." Thus it makes no sense for these people to meddle as there was no reason for non-Muslims to feel threatened by the council’s fatwa because it was only meant for Muslims. So why do these society's feel they have the right to impose their views on society just because they may feel that this is the age of change and era of individualism. Especially one like Food Not Bombs KL whose mandate is actually to recycle food for the poor in order to raise awareness of the problem of food wastage and unfair food distribution in our society. A noble enough cause but what has this got to do against the fatwa I ask? But reading through their website, I cannot help but notice that this noble society's aims may have been hijacked from their through true objectives as demonstrated by this posting as sadly their organisation is by itself a loose form of organisation by a hodge-potch of individuals. Thus it is no wonder if its aim has deviated from the nobility of the cause.

Thus do they even realise in trying to impose their views on general society, that they themselves are the flip side of the coin they are trying to demonise? So stop interfering into things you do not know and stick to the script. Let the Malaysian Muslim society ourselves figure out for ourselves that since the fatwa has now been issued, how should it then be enforced and how we should rehabilitate the offenders, as to me the real problem has long been that we are a society long on legislation but short on enforcement and rehabilitation. So now you uninformed goody two shoes, butt out OK!

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