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Monday, 18 May 2009

An Empty Threat From An Empty Mind

I was in transit while awaiting to pick up my wife with my younger daughter when we decided to visit the neighbourhood playground to while away the time. While there an officious looking signboard caught my eye as I felt it odd to find one that seemed out of place than the regular ones you normally find at playgrounds. At the very least, the signboard brought a wry smile to my face while reading it. The reason would soon be clear as the sign stated in Malay that “Warning do not abandon cats in the house area. Beware that CCTV camera evidence will be used to prosecute”.

Try as I might, I could not locate the CCTV from which evidence will be produced to prosecute the wrong-doer who dares abandon cats in the area. But the blustering fool does have some foolhardiness though he may not have the brains to threaten people in an area which does not belong to him. Look closely at the second photo as I remind you again that this sign is located at a public playground. Not only has he encroached on public land evidenced by the garden plants he has planted but he then threatens the public openly for some perceived wrongdoing that he himself is guilty of. This is what I have many times grumbled about on this blog, how our civil society seems to encouraging these fools who feels they are holier than thou or even mightier than thou who takes the law into their own hands or to convenience themselves to set the pace, while most of us only watch and whine that our society is civil no more. He’s lucky that my family are cat adopters rather than cat abandoners; otherwise I might test his empty threat and see what develops, especially from that phantom CCTV camera. Sheesh!


sevven said...

LOL. Similarly, the university has "no budget" to install CCTV following a few break-ins, but posted "Beware, you're under CCTV surveillance" stickers everywhere instead.

False security?

Alpha said...

Under what Ordinance or Act of Parliament can he take an action against the perpetrator? Haha...I don't even think he can take any action in tort!

mumuchi said...

that's what happens when people thinks he is the law..hehehheheh..but man the fact that he went through all that simply blows my mind..

well in sevven's case the U's empty threats may work for awhile(hopefully while funds can be found finally), so not really false security as some military actions the threat of something that may or may not be there was enough to change the course of history, right..:>)

Kuldip Vyas said...

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