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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Paging PV Perak !

I wonder what is happening to the commissioning date of PV Perak that was supposedly delayed to this month from March 2009 and December 2008 initially. The delay in March would be understandable by looking at the web available photos above where even in March photos taken from the Ferry to Pangkor showed PV Perak still having items under wraps although overall it looks complete. The fact that is worrying to me now is that the most recent web available photo taken on the 11 May below now shows the patrol vessel being dry docked. I hope that this is for final completion works rather than major construction works remaining as otherwise it is possible the commissioning ceremony for the vessel will be further delayed. Such delay would be very worrisome if any potential confrontation in the region suddenly flares-up as the RMN would need all their assets to be available then. And this is not even talking about PV Terengganu that so far there seems to be no news on her development. So Paging PV Perak! You are urgently required to be commissioned so that you can enter your operation theater! (Pardon the Pun!)

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Anonymous said...

The delay is not suprising. If you can recall the keel of KD Rahmat was laid in 1967 and due for delivery within three years.

After six long years, the ship which was formerly named KD Hang Jebat returned to spend most of her seagoing duties tied to the Malaysian Base Jetty in Woodlands.

I was onboard for one year in mid seventies. After countless delay, we manage to scramble out and sailed for show in East Malaysia with one reliable generator, one half dead and one permenantly kaput.

So, what's the suprise. It is the ingrained culture inherited from the British.