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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Riverbank Graffiti Art

In my travels overseas I have always marvelled of some cities capacity to allow their creative citizens to express their talents, either thorugh arts and crafts markets, busking, mime and at the very least graffiti, which if done well is a very high value art. Thus it enthralled me when I discovered after alighting from the LRT at the Central Market station that on the riverbank of Klang River beside the station, a group of of artists has taken unto themselves the task of brightening such a foreboding embankment with graffiti that has the quality of art. I am amazed that our graffiti artists has reached such a stage, and I suspect that some of them are actually professionals as there are some websites being hidden in the art. Although the sampling gallery tries to give an inkling how good their art is, I must admit that such camera phone pictures does them no amount of justice. How I wish the art is actually easily accessible so that our citizens can admire them more easily. Only then can we truly appreciate them because if the art can give such an impact from afar, think how much thrilling it would be to view it directly in front of you. I hope the authorities would be open to have some space for them to display the art in a more proper way, or at least some forward looking property developer thinks that this would be a good addition to their urban living spaces. Until that happens, we can only gaze at such art from afar.

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