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Friday, 15 February 2008

Who's The Dunce Who Authorised These Bottlenecks?

Well yesterday I briefly touched on the horrendous congestions afflicting the incoming traffic into the city on the Jalan Tun Razak, especially along the Kampung Pandan roundabout strecth. Well if you can imagine having three feeding intersections from another three major arteries into this one double lane road into the city, well you will not wonder how three bottlenecks within a stretch of road less than a kilometre long will naturally create a major road clogging that is the stuff of frustration for the early morning commuters. It does make you wonder then who is the dunce or dunces in authority who approved such a road set-up. Are they so unimaginative that to see in having two new highway pipes that was original designed to relieve the strain off the perenially jammed Sungei Besi road has now instead become chokeholds that blocks up further this main artery. How dumb is that. Well let me take you on a virtual journey of the traffic hell I face coming into the city every working morning. Let's start with exit ramp from the new elevated Putrajaya Highway onto the Tun Razak flyover. How can a design that allows the merging of a dual carriageway onto another dual-carriageway that meets a threelane merging lane within metres is allowed is beyond me. Even though the traffic police tries their best to regulate the traffic flow, there is no easy way in the face of this mess. So a road that used to face only traffic flow from one source now faces two merging traffic flows in a narrow point, where there is actually traffic from 2 + 2 + 3 lanes merging into a four lane mess. This especially since there will be motorist from the left lane trying to cut into the right in order to go straight towards Jalan Ampang and vice versa from Sungei Besi to Bukit Bintang will create a latticework of merging vehicles, and that is not even taking into accounts the silly ways our Malaysian motorists actually merge into oncoming traffic. So what you get is a mish mash of traffic hell.

And do not forget that again just metres in front of this hot spot the traffic from the Smart Tunnel will emerge into the Royal Selangor Golf Course underpass, where they will take up the outermost lane before haltingly merging into traffic from Sungei Besi. And to make matters worse, if there is traffic control of cars merging from Jalan Bukit Bintang just in front of the underpass , then another traffic chokehold will be created. The worst case scenario would be if it is your bad luck to encounter a Royal motorcade at the time when all traffic is stopped, which is actuall a recurring occurence, you might as well have your coffee and bread breakfast. Thus even if you are considering to use the Smart Tunnel to escape the Sungei Besi jam when coming into the city in the working day mornings, you might as well use the toll to pay your breakfast of roti chanai and teh tarik as you will still face traffic jams in the tunnel. And that is not even considering again the way our commuters wave in and out of their lanes that contributes to further stop and go traffic. So listen up Messrs Authorities, even though you have set up a high powered committee to look into the Kuala Lumpur City congestion, if the guys who authorised this mess are the ones who will be advising you when you work to resolve the situation, all I can say is that you may find their advice may actually worsen the situation rather than resolving the mess. So take their suggestions with a pinch of salt, and use some common sense to strategically think of all possible scenarios that can arise from any proposal. Better still, try to find real bright geniuses with workable solutions to the mess, I am sure these are no creatures of imagination.

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