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Thursday, 14 February 2008

You Think You So Ong Ka?

Man I don't knowlah but I am not being racist when I notice that somehow in this week of the new Chinese New Year of the Rat some Chinese drivers seems to think that they have all the luck or ong in their lingo to drive as they please without meeting an accident. For instance last Thursday there was one bitch who brazenly cut in from the fathest out lane to the most innerside lane that I was on in a forty five degree angle in order to get to her junction as if she was piloting a battleship in an empty port. I don't knowlah but I guess with all the drivers, me included, cursing her she should be getting her most unluckiest New Year. May her Ong be buried in the hail of curses that was unleashed on her. Amen!

But what got me a wrapped up to write this was two incident this morning within five minutes of each other when I was on my way to the office. It happened it the vicinity of the underpass in front of the Royal Selangor Golf Course towards Jalan Ampang that has now become a bottleneck and a bane to motorists coming from Sungei Besi Road. Well today there was an unearthly congestion as I guess people have now mostly reported back to work from the holidays, so there is a stop go queue of vehicles. Imagine my surprise when this other bitch driving a grey Myvi suddenly put her car out into my lanes from the rightmost lane causing me and a couple of oncoming motorcyclist to swerve left to avoid hitting her. The damned thing was she was smiling away at the near miss while holding on to a water bottle with only the palm of her other hand on the steering wheel. What a nutty way to drive but she got her comeuppance when one of the motorcyclist who caught up with her as she tried to edge away when her lane started to move again gave her car a big kick on the side. So much so when I reached her side I saw her sulking away at her just desserts, so she should now realise she is just not invincible on the road even if her soothsayer says she is getting a lucky new year eh.

The other incident was an asshole in a civic also tried to cut in and only just missed hitting my side. This made me stop in the middle of the road as he should have known that when his car is only just inches behind the vehicle in front of him and with me oncoming, there is no way he can clearly cut into my lane in time, even in his so called muscle car. With me glaring at him daring him to continue, he pussyfooted back into his lane and did not dare to cut into the next lane until I was clear away I guess since I had already left him behind as I was myself already late for the office. Anyway these incidents just gave good definition why I had to drive during this season as after more than twenty years of driving, it has become an empirical finding for me to believe that this is the season when all the worst drivers on the road is most likely to show off their driving skills, or rather the lack of it. SO curses to all of you who drive like they have all the ong in the world, as I wish your New Year will be a rat bitten and rat infested one.

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