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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Deli Spaghetti Take Away

As yesterday my two lunch buddies were on leave, I decided that it was a good time for me to try out the neighbourhood Delifrance’s take-away promotion for spaghetti at a nett price of ringgit six eighty. I have eyed their advertisement for the promotion for a few weeks already and I thought this would be something that I can regularly buy on the quite frequent days that I do not have the mood for a sit down lunch.

Well on to the food it self, it was packed in a lunch box that consisted of the spaghetti of your choice and complimentary garlic bread and root beer to make it a complete meal. They only had beef bolognaise when I was there so this was the set neatly packed that I took back to the office. However I would like to comment that Delifrance should relook at their cap for the cup, as having a permanent hole will make the root beer slosh around in the pack and you will get a wet pack once you arrive at the office.

About the spaghetti, you actually get a quite smallish portion with three meatballs of your choice. Nonetheless the portion is quite sufficient for light eaters and the meatballs do add bulk to meal. I cannot say the same for the garlic bread though as half a top will not dolah Delifrance. I know that it is free but do a bit of justice with the portion will you. And do not stinge with the utensil will you as a plastic soup spoon is not an appropriate utensil for eating spaghetti with! Why? Does a plastic fork that is more suitable cost too much more? This is quite a glaring weakness for this pack meal for me. Luckily the overall taste of the spaghetti, meatballs and sauce was satisfactory for my palate.

Anyway for a heavy eater like me, the portion certainly does not suffice and I rectified this when I saw the portion of spaghetti being packed. I decide to also purchase a chicken béchamel topped croissant that attracted my eye when I was waiting for the meal to be packed. This I have no complaints with as the topping with chicken bites and chopped button mushrooms mixed in béchamel sauce was supremely delicious. In fact I felt that two pieces of this for lunch would actually make a more substantial lunch than the one I just had at a slightly lower cost of ringgit five twenty each. So the verdict is that though this spaghetti offer itself will not elicit a return visit for me, but the béchamel croissant is another proposition itself.

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