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Monday, 5 January 2009

Helpless To Help The Hapless

Well the Israelites has now again steamrolled into hapless Palestinian lands and again the world goes through the motion of political protestations, protests, calls for boycotts and such against Israel and her patron the good olde USA. But growing up through the longest running international conflict that now straddles two centuries, I am now quite inured to the fact that there will not be any political solutions to be found, as factionalism and political self interest within all involved parties will again trump any resolution that may be lead to a fair conclusion to the affair. As it is, it seems that the Israelites can only be stopped once they suffer a bloody nose as evidenced by their last foray into Lebanon, thus a military solution would seem to be the only way to bring the Israelis into line with world opinion. Yet again the so-called military powers on both side of the extremist field will not commit their warriors into the fray to help their brethren, merely satisfied to use the Palestinian cause to justify their actions elsewhere, thus giving the Israelis free play again in the Palestinian land itself. Contributions of aid in the form of cash or kind also seems to go nowhere toward the furtherance of the Palestinian cause, thus I am now hardened respond to new calls for aid. The fact is if the Palestinian people themselves still do not pull on their bootstrap and help themselves in order to be helped as promised by God, then to me it is their comeuppance as it would continue to make the rest of us helpless to help the hapless Palestinians.

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