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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Chewy Junior ! So Adorable!

What do you get when you cross a jelly donut and a cream puff? My answer would be Chewy Junior, a new cream puff joint located next to the more famous cream puff purveyor Bearded Papa in Pavillion KL that we accidentally found when we wanted to purchase some snacks to fortify us after the early dinner we had after watching the movies yesterday. They were offering samples that captured the younger daughter's passion for creamy filled chocolate pastries that after comparing the promotion between the two cream puff stand, we decided to give Chewy Junior a try as they were offering a dozen pieces at the price of six pieces, a savings of seventeen ringgit until 9th March. So off we went home with a box of six chocolate covered cream puffs while the other box contained six jelly puffs, that contained chocolate madness, double chocolate crunch and chocolate oreo crunch in the chocolate box while the jelly box had the strawberry dream, strawberry cheese, apple delight, apple cheese and lemon crunch. Mind you these cream puffs are actually quite chewy and reminiscent of a chewy donut actually, so my question in the opening of this post is quite valid actually.

The chocolate versions actually had chocolate cream filling while the jelly tops had a vanilla cream filling instead. I had only a small taste of the chocolate puffs as the kids were fighting over them and I must say the chocolate glaze tasted excellent, better than some of the choc glazed donuts that seems to be the craze nowadays. The cream filling was also delicious, not overpowering with a cocoa taste as the chocolate glaze was chocolaty itself. Meanwhile the jelly tops offered real fruits in jelly, so you get actual cuttings of apple or strawberry preserves as the toppings. For something less sweet, I recommend the lemon crunch as it gave piquant contrast to the creamy filling. For non cheese lovers, please do not fear the creamy cheese as it actually tasted more like whipped cream than cheese, and does not distract from the cream filling. Therefore I can actually pronounce that these cream puffs are really delicious and I have decided to use photos from Chewy Junior's website to give justice to the puffs. I was surprised to find that Chewy Junior is a Singapore creation with only five outlets in Singapore itself, but they are slowly expanding overseas with their first outlets in Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, I noticed that their original menu also offers savoury puffs and mini puffs, but I guess they did not want to get halal certifications yet for the savoury fillings and still testing the market so still unable to offer the mini puffs, especially since even some sweet flavours are also not available yet. Whatever it is, I wish them well in their venture in Malaysia, as my options for cream puffs has just widened further as when compared to my complaints in my earliest blogs not that long ago.

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Anonymous said...

gw salah 1 pembeli puff chewy junior di MOI.jujur aja w agak kecewa coz pelayanannya kurang memuaskan.Masa w beli puff gak ada isinya sama sekali,yg ada cuma 1 pcs!gila terlalu banget,w beli gak cuma 1 or 2 pcs!w beli lusinan...kejadian ini terjadi pada tanggal 17 juni 2010 kurang lebih jam 9 malam.yg w mau tanya,apa emang PT.CHEWY JUNIOR mendidik karyawannya emang gak becus yah!kok ampe teledor gitu!!Saran w nich tolong deh didik anak buahnya,biar pada bener!emang sih diganti, tapi pesen w jangan sampai terulang lagi.bisa2 nanti gak laku loh!!!ok tanks ya,mudah2an saran w bisa diterima!!!