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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Now A Theme Park!

Just an add on to my previous post, I am happy to read from an article in today's New Sunday Times that Les Copaque may follow in Walt Disney's footsteps and follow up their cinematic success by opening a theme park, I guess within the Iskandar development in Johor. If true, this would give the announced Legoland a run for their money as that development has been criticised as possibly to be a little lacking in terms of excitement. This is because it has been hinted that this planned Upin & Ipin theme park will emulate Disneyland by having thrill rides based on their cartoon scenes, one of which should be the thrilling upih ride down the hill.

Taken from REEL TIME: Malaysia's Super Twins By : Meor Shariman

" And if things work according to plan, there will also be a Upin & Ipin theme park. Burhanuddin declined to give details except that the park would be located in Johor. "If you watch the movie closely, you will notice that some of the scenes resemble certain thrill rides."If Disney can do it (have a theme park with rides based on their films), why can't we?" I guess parents will now have to start saving money for their kids' "Upin & Ipin" fund! "

If the theme park keeps to such village or Malaysiana premise, I am all for it as an excellent method of preserving our national heritage through fun and I wish it will be a success, unlike previous plans that if I recall correctly includes recreating Lat's Kampong Boy village as a theme park. This may be a good time too if arrangements for a marriage between Kampong Boy and Upin & Ipin can be consummated, as it can give the long established guardian of our older lifestyle a refreshing paint of local contemporaneous to attract a newer audience. This can give our local animators a chance to further develop the concept further than leaving it to foreigners who has actually corrupted the feel and look of Kampong Boy since they have no inkling of our ways and culture. Whatever it is, such a theme park should be throughly supported not only for the sake of our national heritage, but also economically as if it is done right and attracts loads of not only local but foreign visitors, think of how much foreign licensing fees we would save and the receipts we would instead receive.

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