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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Upin And Ipin The Series Continues

As I have posted before, the local cartoon series Upin and Ipin will continue for another forty two episodes and has been continued under the Upin & Ipin and friends format. As commented by the Les Copaque Production blogger in that post, the series continues their stealthy educational aim by inserting science or moral content in a fun format, with the latest storyline on how to take care of you teeth. This was done by playing on the fears of kids (and actually adults) of dental visits, but interspersed first with a scene of the kids playing a traditional class room game and then someone pretending to hurt because their teeth were pulled resulting in a panic of the rest of the kids. This is not a review but I must say their approach works as my kids does try to follow the correct way of brushing when the dentist gives instructions in the class. I guess the Les Copaque people were educated well by Sesame Street, as similarly the kids do learn while having fun. I guess that is why our kids are now attracted by their show, and may they have the same longevity as Sesame Street. The only problem now is that since the series are only seven minutes plus mini episodes, the continuity in the story telling can be a problem with the kids attention span, not to mention the problems it creates for the parents if they miss a show. Currently they have overcome this by having cliff-hanger endings, and for those with Internet access they can catch up missed episodes on their website. Only I wonder for those liberal parents, what are their feelings with the Sister Ros free handing out of corporal punishment to Upin and Ipin when they go out of line even though the action is blacked out. My whole family finds it cute as we believe in not sparing the rod, but I hope if there are any complaints or controversy on this, Les' Copaque should ignore such voices and keep on with the morality play. Keep it up!

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