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Monday, 8 June 2009

Congrats Uztad!

I believe it is not too late to congratulate my old Uni Uztad for getting the highest votes for the Vice Presidency in the recent PAS elections. Although the article implies that the conservative ulama's has taken charge of the party, if Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man has maintained his own distinctive outlook of what being Islamic should be that is in no small measure after my own heart, then kudos to the conservative ulamas. If more like him can manage to turn the party around to what us moslem professionals want the party to be (unlike the so called professional cadres who had lost claiming that they are the profesional moslems instead), I will not be surprised that PAS will get a better following amongst mainstream Moslems, me included. Though some may call him a staunch conservative, but after studying directly under him his brand of conservativess is fair enough with me as it is no brimstone and treacle like some would like to have it but one guided by clear thinking and true understanding of the religion. It is momentous that firebrands actually got the boot, that similar to fundamentalist Islamist getting the bad rap instead of the extremists that is doing all the damage, these are the ones that actually gives the conservative ulamas a bad image. As this article in Malay says, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is both the professional and ulama and I wish him well in bringing PAS up to loftier heights.

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