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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

PV Perak To Finally Commission Tomorrow?

Despite what a visitor to one of my blog mentioning that she was supposed to commission on the 28th May 2009 after multiple postponement and failing to do so, a more reliable press source has advised me that PV Perak will finally be commissioned tomorrow on the 3rd of June, 2009 and take to the seas as KD Perak. Let's wait for the formal commissioning ceremony shall we.


Anonymous said...

Oi Mumuchi!
Api ni! Ingat lagi tak? Lama tak dengor berita yeop!
Anyway, memang KD PERAK commission hari nie, 3 Jun.

mumuchi said...

awat tak kenai Api..aku follow ko kat kelab peugout lagi..dakle, dari yahoogroup lagi cuma ko senyap aja selalu dan aku pun monitor aja la ni..

amacam bigshot limbungan...bila nak ajak aku naik kapai...;>)

anyway ko sorang aja budak ipoh yang aku tak jumpa lagi lepas SPM..bebudak lain ada gak aku jumpa, esp min nyamuk dan zepp...

spark said...

At long last.

How much is the total cost?

If the Sun newspaper reportings are true, the final cost could burn very big holes in the tax payers pocket.

mumuchi said...

Can you refer to me the final cost that you mentioned was reported in the Sun. I have not come acrossed such a report yet myself.

spark said...

It was reported more than a year ago and as usual, after reading it, I just threw the paper away.

What I can recap is the escalations of cost due mainly to the delay similar to that of KD Rahmat. And in this case, money has been paid but the progress left much to be desired.

Sorry for inability to furnish relevant info but would surely appreciate if you could give an inkling whether the final cost is as per original agreement.

Remember PKFZ? From RM1.8 billion, it went up how many fold!!!

mumuchi said...

Oh in that case the PAC report on this matter is the only indication that has been formally released. Nonetheless only bits and pieces can be obtained from open sources and I guess that Sun article was based on that PAC report. However I just want to remind you that the total cost is not the total ships per unit cost but also involves cost of transferring all the technologies and facilities to build the vessels. This point is what the usually so called analysts gets wrong when they say each vessel costs too much while not making an apple to apple comparison with other vessels cost. If you want to get creative, better to ask whether compensation was actually received for the Lekiu class delivery delay, not beating a dead horse, ie the PV project cost. If you still want to do so, ask about the efforts to obtain the 'excess' funds from the accused party, wether any monies has been recovered or otherwise.

spark said...

...cost of transferring all the technologies and facilities to build the vessels...

Firstly, sorry for being ignorant.

If my interpretation does not deceive me, this shipyard has no prior experience in building warships and in this particular case the PVs. And is this their maiden project?

Appreciate your brief.

And again very sorry for bothering.

By the way, your articles are very interesting espescially on those obsolete vessels.

Thank you for taking us down memory lane.

mumuchi said...

Yes spark, your understanding is correct. As far as I know, Naval Dockyard had never supplied any new builds to the Navy before, Only the Hong Leong Lurssen Shipyard and MMHE in their previous form had supplied new builds. In its inception, the plan was good in selecting Naval Dockyard to be the preferred shipyard, meaning that whichever design was chosen, the winning foreign shipyard has to build it in partnership with the Dockyard as the navy(in its original form) would have the capability to build their own warships, and I can say that the Meko design was really the frontrunner in design. However the privatisation process of the naval dockyard somehow subverted the intention, resulting in the mess inherited by the current firm. In a way it has gone back to the original plan, in that the military indirectly now has regained the control of the building process and why it has now gone on the rails again.

Therefore I would like to advice if you want to criticise the project, make sure you separate it from the current management and owners who have done a great job to achieve recovery of the whole dang mess, despite unfair criticism wrongly sent down their way.