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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Finally Showing True Colors

Just one week after reminding the Government not to ignore the voice of the people as expressed in the protest site, the site owners have finally shown their true colors and it has been borne out the insinuation that the site has political overtones and is not as apolitical as it claims. I have suspected of this for some time based not only on its fans' political comments that the owner let slid, but on the more recent owner's own comments.

Now the site owners' have finally thrown off their cloak and announced themselves as part of BERSIH, a politically overt NGO that in its true form will never get my support. Bravo for pulling the wool over my eyes but I believe from now on the site will start to lose people's support.

Some recent comments are testimonials of this.

  • Shahryl Abd Latiff What crap is this! Clean politics? Tell me which country has clean politics since birth of mankind? No such thing! I'm sad and feel cheated into believing this page was non political. Obviously, the owners have their own agenda! You just lost a supporter for this cause!
    2 hours ago · 1 personLoading... ·
  • Martin Harnevie Betzen
    ‎@Shahryl. A lot of countries have clean politics. Just ensure free press and unbiased justice and it will develop automatically. However, I do agree that politics should be out of this.

    @All. I know BN/UMNO loyalists that are totally agains...t the tower and they will be turned off if this turns too partisan. Focus on the Warisan Memboros only, that's enough.See more
    about an hour ago ·

Jamal Pawanteh Although I agree with the principle of this point. I believe it belongs on another page. PLEASE ADMIN FOCUS JUST ON THE TOWER. Public accountability will just drag politics in and make a mess of things. You're message will then be lost in transmission.
16 hours ago ·

Dick Teh One issue at a time. Now we anti mega tower.

End of story.

I know there are other issues out there, but if we don't focus we will never get anything done.

and these are the excuses the owners have thrown back.

16 hours ago ·
1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower Mohd Firdaus, you are welcome to organise one. We are only borrowing a place for people to meet. And we are careful in choosing which functions to go. Is there anything wrong to show up at a gathering supporting electoral reform while we want public accountability?

about an hour ago ·
1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower good morning. short reply from our mobile. Assurance: this page is non-partisan. This is not a page for pakatan rakyat. Look at our postings' we have been civil to all party supporters. And this page will stay focused on mega tower and public accountability. More later? On the run.

Lame, pretty lame to me. So make your own decisions. I have already unlike myself from the site. Now if there is another really apolitical site that is protesting this venture, you will find me hitting the like button in no time.


Anonymous said...

geez, so long i dun read newspaper Muchi...


mumuchi said...

wei yip..what happen to your FB status..tak jemput makan nasi minyak ka sampai dah on maternity leave ni..