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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Now Who Is Being Irrational?

I joined the Facebook protest against PNB's proposed Menara Warisan because I sincerely believe that the project is unnecessary and because the Facebook initiative was a bi-partisan effort to request a rethink despite being a government supporter. I guess the government thought the effort was just a fly in the ointment but it slowly took off and the site is now targeting a million Facebook fan support to show the citizen's displeasure over the project. And that is just it, despite some attempts to polarise the page with anti government rants, overall it is an apolitical outlet for the real people's thinking.

Thus it is ridiculous for me to see someone with the stature of the Deputy Prime Minister ridiculing the people's own statements by saying that these statements are due to jealousy and that there is a hidden hand to ostracise the whole project. He even questioned the people's wisdom and paternalistically said not to question PNB's commercial wisdom that supposedly has brought billions of wealth to Malaysia so they must be correct this time and all the time.

But you are forgetting YAB, this is a citizen's action group that has shown it has traction and holds the pulse of the people in real time and with real access. It has managed to unify the people to voice out their displeasure against the project. So whether you like it or not, this is a 1Malaysia effort so do not pompously question the motives and intelligence of the supporters. These are real people with real concerns who really think that the money can be spent more wisely elsewhere. So get your act together or you may yet find yourselves paying the price politically. Now is not the time for the government to ignore the aspirations of the people when the Nation is facing challenges politically and economically. In exasperation, Malaysians may even find themselves introducing to Malaysia a new financial term in place of a 'bank run'. A 'Mutual Fund Run' anyone?

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