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Monday, 8 November 2010

Sustainablity The Market Way.

While I was on vacation in Gambang, Pahang we found this Orang Asli stall selling kitchen cutting boards made of Tembusu hardwood. This is a hard as iron wood that to my detriment I found out the hard way when I knocked it with my knuckles to check if it was hollow or otherwise, and that action gave me a jolt like I was knocking against a hard metal door. Selling for Ringgit Malaysia25 upwards depending on the size, width and quality of the wood, I can confidently say that the quality and the finish is as good as any you can find in any kitchen equipment store.

In fact I can safely say that if somebody do their job right, these kitchen tools should be made available at the likes of Ikea as a sustainable method to help the indigenous people earn a good living from their living environment in the forest. The problem is that currently their product range is limited to cutting boards and some wooden spatulas only, as when I asked them whether they have a mortar and pestle for sale that I googled about, they said that they have not tried making such a product yet as it seems that they have not had any demand yet. The fact is that the article stated that such a product is also a sought after kitchen item as the Tembusu wood is neutral and will not affect the ingredients pounded in such a mortar. So I feel if given proper marketing guidance, the Orang Aslis here at least can find a very good sustainable market for their products unlike the ad hoc stalls with jungle bric a brac that is usually associated with the Orang Asli.

For my military enthusiasts friends at least, I would bet that they would be interested in the Black Kemuning keris and pungi stick below also sold at the stall but these need to be ordered if there is no available stock at the time of your visit.

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