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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Bawah Pokok

I am sure many kaki makans will know what bawah pokok means. The strange thing is that many of the best eating places are the warung bawah pokok or under the old tree stalls and you will not find it odd that all manner of expensive cars are parked near the premises because their occupants are enjoying the home cooked taste of such warongs, sometimes actually even better than home cooking.

However lately these warung bawah pokok has become like endangered specieslah, some gone because of displacement like the warong bawah pokok along the the side road to juara tomyam in kampung baru, some because of enforcement harassment and some because the owners is retiring or just passed away without having anybody else to pick up the mantle..typical like the story in this article warong nasi lemak bawah pokok in penang...

so for those who thinks that the best foods are only available at cafes or big name restaurants or at hotels, make a change and give in to will be able to taste the good food before these warong bawah pokok just remains jottings in blogs.

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