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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Jalan2 cari makan in melaka

Huh isn't the hotel we stayed in beautiful? Heh2 but the fact is it is just a converted shoplots complex with swimming pool attached so that it can boast itself as an all apartment suite hotel. But for the room price, value for money except it mystifies that a two room apartment has no attached bathroom. So imagine the hassle of me sharing the apartment with the in-laws hehx3. If had known about this earlier, i would have taken two rooms instead, for more privacy.

Anyway that day we arrived at lunch time and because we were too tired to eat out we took the buffet at the hotel's cafe batavia. This was again value for money. For 21 ringgit per person we had a pretty good meal that really satisfied us. Consider also the fact the same buffet was also provided for 4 persons. Thus I need to repeat again that a hotel, I am really satisfied as the worth of the hotel as value for money accomodation. Its strategic location and swimming poolnya that is not crowded makes it an enjoyable place for my kids to swim to their hearts content. In fact that afternoon itself we went for a swim but there is a downer though as there were no pool towels so we went up the room dripping wet. But who cares right as it is not our fault we could not towel off.

The first night as planned all of us when to Sg Duyong for ikan bakar after Maghrib. As usual the restaurant had an endless stream of customers that the fish that was left wa only jenak (or jenahak)/threadfin, pari/skate and siakap/local barramundy. I was lucky that I managed to salvage a packet of lokan(a type of shellfish) but actually ate only one piece as si angah loved it so much that I could not bear to eat more. As usual the food was great but I have to comment that it was pricier than before and their nasi lemak portion is getting smaller. We observed that that the rival restaurant across the ditch seems to be getting more customers and thus we resolved to try them the next time we come around. Before I forget, I need to note a complaint that even to this day the road sign to the place is not lighted, so it is very difficult to locate at night. Is it so hard to invest in a bit of lighting to simplify your customers accessing your place.

Second day after stomach filling breakfast at the hotel, we all headed to the Melaka zoo for sight seeing. It was hard walking around that the inlaws gave up following us. Finally they just sat at the wakaf near the entrance. Most entertaining was when we saw the animal show, the kids was terrified of the snake show in front of their eyes and the elder ran to sit beside me. Unbeknowns to us, they took out a boa from a box just behind my seat and that shocked them awhile. Anyway at the zoo we sweated buckets of sweat tapi it is exerciselah. Consider it as fat burninglah.

Anyway after half a day at the zoo, it was difficult to decide where to go for lunch. So a quick change of plan, we went straight to bandar hilir which we initially planned to go on the return journey the next day. Tried my luck and there was a parking space beside Medan Samudera so I parked there. Thought of taking a trishaw ride to eat at Restoran Selera Kampung to have local delicacy asam pedas, but when I asked about the fare it would have cost me 20 riggit per trishaw so the plan was dropped hurriedly as for the amount of money I could eat at a good hotel. Lastly we ate nasi campor at the mall. To buang kempunan I ate asam pedas pari but though the gravy was okay, the fish was not fresh so potong stim. After lunch we left the inlaws to fend for themselves while we went to the maritime museum across the street. This was the first visit for Angah even though we have gone there many times but my main interest was to see the renovated RMN museum. Not much improvements in exhibits but the lay-out was better. Anyway we settle the souvenir shopping there and then so after returning to the hotel it was ZZZZZ time for the family. We did not even go the swimming pool.

That night because we were tired we had dinner at Restaurant Apple Burger beside the hotel which we noticed the night before when we went to Sungai Duyong. The food was excellent and they specialised in western and asam pedas set. The Sate stall that tenanted the place also had delicious sate but for me their asam pedas was a tad too sourish when I had a taste from the Inlaw's set. Later when I checked the internet, the restaurant seemed quite well known so no wonderlah the food was good. A funny thing was when si along who claimed that she was stuffed when she could not finish her fish & chips set could still manage to polish off the same stall's otak-otak before and after the meal(after returning to the room.) They were only a little bit spicy so that's why she loved it.

The next morning was swimming pool time again after breakfast and later we went on a traipsing trip along the scenic coastal route back to rantau. We passed through klabang and had the famous asam pedas tanjung kling. Since everybody has had asam pedas fish, this time we had asam pedas daging tetel with additional two kembong bakar dan two drumsticks of chicken khurma for the kids. Again we sweated buckets but this time for an enjoyable meal that satisfied us until dinner. Before reaching Rantau, we dropped by at Masjid Tanah market to look for tapai but the people there said that it has been a long time no longer sold there. But our dissapointment was soothed when we managed to buy some out of this world tasting kampong made dodol sold in unmarked packets. I forgot to mention we had already look for this at medan samudra but the sellers there said it is no longer available because the maker died so only factory made dodol were available. That is the pity of malay business, when the patriach dies, the business goes bust for want of an heir willing to continue the business. Luckily the factory made dodol is good enough to be given as souvenir for the office staff.

So next time there is a long weekend, another trip to melaka could be in order. It is not that far nowadays and a strategic hotel has been located, so it is easier to make the short trip from KL.

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