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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mmmmm for a taste of great curry puffs

After reading EatingAsia's post on curry puffs, that got me reminiscing about the great curry puffs that I have had. Would you believe that the best curry puffs that I can remember till now are those that were sold by peddlers at the train station in Tanjung Malim when the train made a brief stop at a time long long ago, when these are other peddlers would swarm the train offering a multitude of packed food and drinks, when those in the know would not buy any of the food being sold by the attendants from the train's buffet wagon but wait for the offerings from the favourite peddlers at a particular station. I must say however that those currypuffs are simple fare, made only with spiced sweet potato fillings studded with curry leaves and some forgotten herbs but with a too die for pastry. And if you eat them immediately, they were piping hot as I guess the family who made them timed their cooking with the trains schedule. And even when they were stony cold, they still tasted great.

I have posted on the 'bull' curry puff in Kampung Pandan that to date is the most satisfying curry puffs I can have in Kuala Lumput but recently I discovered an outlet that has quite a similar taste to the curry puffs of that distant memory. Well I discovered this when I went to Mid Valley Gardens recently where as part of their food discovery promotion, 2 pieces of Homi Curry Puffs were given out free to those who spent about two hundred ringgit on meals during the weekends. Having no idea that these curry puffs are quite famous with nearly 3000 entries when googled, I brought them home as were already stuffed at the time. Imagine my chagrin when we took a bite of a piece to discover that it was really great tasting, with my younger daughter devouring the flaky pastry. If we only knew it at that time, we would have bought more from the outlet instead of only redeeming the freebie. Anyway we guess it was off my radar as those from the original store may not have been halal since they are being sold by Chinese brothers, but since the ones sold at Gardens are halal you can be sure that we will make a return purchase when we are there again. Now if only they were still selling at a ringgit twenty a piece as I keep reading on the net instead of two ringgit at the Gardens. Well I guess that is the price when you go upscale eh?

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