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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Savoury pastries from both sides of the twain

Well last weekend we again visited The Gardens at Midvalley. Yeah I know it is beginning to sound like a broken record but I do like the place for the food. Well after another delicious early dinner at Sushi Zen, we decided to take away some pastries in case we got a case of peckishness while watching Akademi Fantasia that night. So we decided to pack some mini-pies from Tuckerbox and some curry puffs from Homi. Where else can you get pastries from both eastern and western cuisine eh?

Well we did not actually eat the pastries that night but had the curry puffs for breakfast the next day and the pies for pre-dinner appetisers. Well I must say the Homi curry puffs held up even after being blitzed in the nuclear box although it got a bit oily but the pastry remained crunchy to the bite. Well first things first, I need to correct the price first because although I mentioned in my earlier posting the curry puffs cost two ringgit each, that only applies if you buy two as they have a sliding price scale where you pay less per piece if you buy more. The proprietors must have learned quantity discounting from their suppliers eh? That means if you buy ten pieces you actually pay a ringgit sixty per piece, almost a ringgit discount from the price you pay if you are only buying a piece. That is the closest you will get to the price it is being sold at the original outlet methinks. So spread the joy and group up to buy in bulk each time. I am sure you cannot wait to take those little parcels out of their display case.

Anyway for the mini pies, it was eaten the next evening without being warmed up in the microwave as I told the wife I did not want the skin to harden further. It was a good choice to make as this time the kids polished off the chicken mushroom version while they were so-so with the beef mushroom version, leaving me to finish off the Aussie meat pie. Actually I could not differentiate the beef mushroom and meat pie in taste except the meat pie had some peas in them. But kids being kids, when they saw the peas they left the pie well alone. Sorry don't ask me which is which from the photos because frankly I have forgotten. Oh yeah we also tried their chocolate caramel cake which was really heavenly as it had a real caramel centre enclosed in chocolate covered crushed biscuits and walnuts base. Sorry no pictures as the slice got polished off in quick time. Anyway I saw a lemon icing cake that will be an item I will definitely try the next time I am there. So if only they would open up more outlets especially in KLCC, that would make a convenient light lunch place for me to get both savoury and dessert pastries in one stop.

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