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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Passing On My Disney On Ice Experience

Well recently The Disney On Ice experiece passed through our shores again although I guess this time the Malaysian people may not have received the show as well as previously as a whole day's show in KL was cancelled and their visit north to Penang was also cancelled. I guess Malaysians are now careful with their cash in these uncertain times. Nonetheless the repertoire this time was much better than previous shows so I decided it was time I passed on a legacy I inherited from my father, even though ticket prices nowadays are so stratospheric, as I guess now is a good time as any to finally see the show. I guess to many people Disney On Ice is a corny show but to me it is an experience to treasure as my father made the effort to travel all the way from a small border town to Kuala Lumpur so that he can allow his kids the chance to experience a little bit of Disney Magic. This is expecially since that was a time when even to dream of a visit to Magic Kingdom was a kind of an impossible dream, and thus a visit to this travelling troupe of ambassadors from the Magic Kingdom was a good enough substitute.

Thus it was with a feeling of pride tempered by a little bit of humility that I felt when we finally sat down for the show, as finally I had managed to extend a bit of the fairy dust that my dear old departed dad sprinkled on his children down to his grandchildren. Seeing how happy the kids were, I guess if he was still alive he would feel happy too looking at the joy and wonderment his grandkids were feeling. So thanks pops for the experience, and it has now continued to your grandkids. Now for a visit to Magic Kingdom itself, the kids knows that this will only hanppen when they do well at school. So strive for it and Ayah will make sure it will happen!


greg said...

That sounds really sweet. Great job. I'm pretty sure the children will remember that. Family bonding time is very important.

mumuchi said...

Thanks Greg...I hope you are able to see the show in Manila too.