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Sunday, 18 May 2008

And The Winner Is!!!

Well since Kuala Lumpur especially seems to have been hit by donut fever I have been waiting for the time when I have tasted the offerings from all three main players so that I can judge whether the donut fever deserves the hype. Why I even have an acquaintance who requested for JCo donuts to be flown in from KL by somebody who is flying into Kota Kinabalu. So what gives?

Well JCo as you may note from my previous posting that I definitely do not find JCo donuts deserving the hype. The taste of their dough was definitely chemically and definitely do not rise to the occasion. Where is the fluffy chewiness that all good doughnuts should have? Does good filling or coating warrants overlooking the fact that the doughnut itself does not taste good? Or is it the pleasure of being able to say that I have lined up to get my piece of the JCo hype scene the reason for all the snaking queue you find without fail at their outlet. Man if I want to eat all that creaminess I might as well buy other types of pastry with sugar coating or creamy filling than eat at Jcos. So all of you who find it so cool to be seen lining up at JCos, go ahead as I have better fish to fry.

And what better way to eat a donut than to dunk it it your favourite beverage though the donuts at Dunkin Donuts are actually better eaten straight than dunked right. Even after a hygiene scare at one time after an expose by the press on their less than desirable state of their factory's cleanliness, this brand has managed to continue on an expansion trail without needing to hype their presence. They just need to continue selling good donuts at good value and the public continues to patronise their outlets. That is a good enough testimonial of how good their donuts are. Yet even though their donuts are the cheapest, they still do not deserve the title of Winner of The Donut Championship so have to be satisfied with the runners up position.

So the deserving winner is the homegrown brand (surprisingly!) Big Apple Donuts which at first glance seemed to be a foreign franchise. I just got back from their outlet at the Gardens after giving them a miss the first time around due to the long queue formed at the time. Not another JCo I thought. But then a friend told me that their donuts are way better so I thought I might as well give it a try as the queue this time. He is right. The fillings and coatings are as good but the dough is softer and without the pesky chemical taste. I bought a dozen and my family devoured them in a jiffy like sharks in a feeding frezy. It was that good that I remarked it was lucky that we bought a dozen eh! The best was the double choc with the cocoa filling and choc shavings on top. Sorry I can't remember its name. A close second was the Duren Duren although the durian taste should have been more intense. Don't wan't to scare off the foreigners I guess.

SO there you have it. From nowhere a homegrown brand actually serves American style donuts. Now when can I try something like these American Donuts that I kempunan when I visited Queen Victoria's Market in Melbourne. Freshly made and supposedly better than their Kryspy Kremes. That was one doughnut that till today I regret I could not have the chance to savour as it was fasting month and I await the day when I will visit Melbourne so that I can finally satisfy my yearning.

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