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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Expensive Eating At Suria KLCC

Well today my makan kakis deserted me during lunch so I had to resort to eating at Suria KLCC's Rasa Food Court at the fourth floor. Normally we will avoid eating here unless it was raining as the food prices there can really make a dent to your wallet. But today I am too lazy to walk to the other food centres in the vicinity where meals actually cost only a little less than within KLCC, so I decided I might as well eat in relative comfort. So I ended up buying prawn mee in my favourite stall, one of two that offers this dish over here. Well to be frank there is not much difference between the two except this one gives a more fiery bite, and even though their prawns are miniscule like the ones in the overexposed picture, these are fresher and more numerous than the other stall. And with extra fish balls added and soft drinks, the meal cost me a sum of ten ringgit eighty cents. Cheap Huh!(With all cheeky irony).

Despite the big looking bowl, I am still peckish so had a peek at the stall selling Malay delicacies. Usually I give this stall a pass as they sell a piece of Malay kueh at double the normal stall prices and since I can get them at cheaper prices, why should I bother buying them. But today I spied something that I will not believe will be found selling at such a place, that is Indonesian beef potato croquets and rissoles. Having Indonesian stall helpers must be a factor in this eh! Selling at what to me ia a reasonable price of a ringgit sixty each compared to say a similarly price sardine roll that can be had elsewhere at only thirty cents each, I bought one each to sample. Well I had these at my office and I must say that they taste authentic not necessarily awesome. The beef potato croquette was actually generous with its fillings despite the first bite not yielding a burst of minced meat. The only complaint I have is that they are overly generous with the black pepper, so it overwhelms the overall taste and may put off some people. As for the rissole, it was filled with a chicken raqout filling and was quite tasty but again shadowed by blackpepperish background, though not as prominent as the croquette. Quite satisfied my cravings for rissoles actually. However if you ask me if this will become a regular purchase item, I am afraid that the answer is no as a poor salaryman like me can't afford to pay such premium prices just for a morsel of food. Anyway it is lucky that the foodcourt management enforce a rule for each stall to offer a dish at four ringgit fifty each, otherwise I guess many visitors to KLCC will be making noise about the high price of having a meal within the area.


Anonymous said...

what's up bro!

bila tengok pics makanan...terasa macam nak terbang balik malaysia sekarang.


mumuchi said...

hiya oobi..glad to see you visiting my blog...hehhehehe memanglah kalau kat luar negeri. makanan is a primary thing we bila nak balik ni?