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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Requiem For Tucker Box

Ah imagine my surprise on Sunday when I went to Gardens Mid Valley to find my favourite purveyor of Aussie tucker has closed down. Not even a display cabinet left. So sad when my family has just warmed up to joys of their meat pies and delicious Aussie cakes. Really kempunan you know. Well I have sent an email to the proprietors asking if they really closed down or just moved to another location but I have yet to receive a reply. I really hope that this post is really not a eulogy to Tucker Box as I will definitely miss their superb pastries. Will keep you posted if they are still alive and where they are now.

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Ladysoul said...

Dear Mumuchi -san!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and informing about the shut-down of TP..i'll snoop around and checkout what happenned!