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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Che Det, Have You Forgotten?

I really don't give a rat's arse about the on-going feud between our previous Prime Minister and current Prime Minister. Fiddle with your violin while the nation burns seems to be the order of the day. Nonetheless when Che Det starts having selective amnesia especially when it concerns matters of defence, then my conscience is pricked to set things right. Thus when the following was written in Che Det's blog as if it was not his administration that approved the sale, then I consider an untruth has been silently spunned again by the master spinner.

I quote from Che Det's posting in his blog;
There is a contradiction here which does not fit in with human values in a civilised world.Today trillions of dollars are being expended on the development and production of ever more lethal weapons of mass destruction. Poor countries are forced to buy these weapons by playing on their false sense of pride. They buy these expensive weapons so as not to be less well-equipped than their neighbours. Yet these weapons are often not used at all. Still they have to be upgraded or replaced with newer versions at tremendous cost.Malaysia has been drawn into this game. We have bought two submarines costing over RM3 billion. When are we going to use them? Are we contemplating going to war with our neighbours? I can think of other ways of spending RM3 billion in Malaysia.We need a defence force to preserve our independence. But do we have to be involved in an arms race? Only the suppliers of arms would benefit from an arms race.

Whatever he is trying to say, he seems to have forgotten that it was his administration who put their signature on the purchase papers and it was during his watch that the RM3 Billion was spent as aptly illustrated by this newspaper article. I took the opportunity to remind him of this fact and inquired as to what was the justification he had then to make him think that spending the RM3 billion this way was better than the other ways he can think of now. This I did not once but twice but it seems that only comments that faunts on him and praises him to high heaven is allowed to be posted. Could my little comment below fits his criteria of rejection,ie; Anonymous postings and those containing profanities and obscenities will be rejected, even though I made the comment using this blog identity that shares the same blog service provider as his blog, despite misgivings that my blog may be flamed after this or there might even be some unwanted attention one way or another after the comment is posted. But I live by the credo that the truth outweighs everything else so if this little comment that seeks to mend your forgetfulness hurts, tough luck Che Det but now you have lost my respect for hiding behind your blog.
Dear Che Det,I wonder what happened to my previous comment so I repost it again. Was it not under your administration that the submarine purchase was approved? So what was the justification used by your administration for this 3 billion purchase that you are criticising? Was it due to the purchase of second hand submarines by our nearest neighbours or was it to be used as a showcase or a lure for your beloved LIMA? Or have you forgotten? You seem to be forgetting a lot of things lately.


Anonymous said...

bravo muchi, kick his dumb ass hard like you kick the rugby ball.

Anonymous said...

AND your comment is SOOOOO impt that you are ANGRY... AND your comment is SOOOOO impt that you are ANGRY it was not posted?

AND what have you done for Malaysia?

Gee Whiz some people's EGO is just too big ... for their inconsequential existence. Perhaps you shd remain a PETANI in the 50s

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