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Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Don't know wat to write la...finally found some good malay cakoi in kl at taman len seng but don't want to write about it until i take some photos of the stall...come to think of it, i should also write on the new chicken rice i located at desa tasek where they use double barbequed chicken and beef as the accompaniment instead of the usual steamed, fried or roast chicken. Those gangstas of mine who i know at least read this stuff of mine has to wait for a while before they salivate over the pictures.

On the Nuri replacement front, I am beginning to suspect that they are going to use the already planned CSAR heli program as a cover story to show their doing something to replace the Nuris based on the sound bites that has appeared over the past few days. So it looks like the transport role heli replacement is still up in the air. Nothing changes it seems. Hello there! Can you tell us of one incident when the Nuri went down during a CSAR mission. It is the transport missions that are taking the toll on the Nuris. Enough said.

On the work front, my laziness seems to overcome me. The boss meanwhile has gone on medical for two days leaving me unsupervised. He seems to be underwhelmed by work too. When the cat is not around, the mice will play eh! So let's be mice and enjoy the respite as it is. Good day to you all.

I just want to sign off by reminiscing on the roles the Nuris has played all this while taken from a Berita Harian article.

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