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Monday, 30 July 2007

Tough weekend

I thought that I could relax a bit over the weekend. The fact was that we were a little late going back to my wife's village cause her car was a bit late being ready after the first 1000km service. So we only reached her home quite late and found that her parents were smoking the freshwater tilapias that my sister-in-law took out from her pond that morning. Actually that was supposed to be the reason we went but had to miss it since the elder kid's replacement schoold clashed with the timing. We had initially thought that the fish raising event was supposed to be on Sunday, so no rezeki to participate this time.

Anyway since they were busy smoking the fish, my in-laws asked me to pluck the pulasan's since they were getting overripe on the trees in their backyard since my wife siblings are not returning to get their share. The darn thing was that the normal pole to pluck the fruits was missing, so I had to use the pruning scissors to pick the fruits that was within reach only. So duly armed, I went about grabbing what I could while the kids put those plucked into a plastic bag. From the two trees, I managed to fill a large supermarket bag. Encouraged by this I guess, they then asked me to go pluck the rambutans and pulasans in the orchard.

This we did the next day, and lo and behold there was one tree bending with the yellow rambutans. Again stretching to grab whatever that was within arm's reach, we managed to gather 3 large garbage bags full of the rambutans. Then my father-in-law asked us to pick the pulasans from a tree at the back of the orchard. From far we thought those fruits were already blackened, but on closer inspection it seems that this fruit was of the darker indigo variety instead of the normal blood red. Unfortunately this tree's branches has not been trimmed for a while and it was actually quite bushy. So it was tougher to grab the pulasans than the previous day with many branches poking at us. The worst thing was the good fruits was the one located at the branches closer to the trunk, so it was quite hell to reach for those.

Anyway we managed another bagfull and today I brought one of the bags to the office while my wife another. My sister who is back from London got another bagfull. She was damn happy because she said over there the only rambutans they can get are the canned variety. So it was a nice treat for her that we raided the orchard while she is back home.

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