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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Does that cloud look like a scapegoat?

Man oh man! Once the brain juices starts flowing it can’t stop eh? I really had to smirk when I read a newspaper article quoting an eminent person who said that the recent leak in our hallowed democratic institution was because of the spell of heavy rain in the last few days. Thus global changes in the weather pattern that resulted in the heavier rain are to be blamed for the recent leaks. “Rain is really heavy nowadays, not only here, but throughout the world. (Sic) Like in England, streets are filled with 5ft of water, in America there’s also flood.” was the quote given. This follows the earliest spin given for the cause of the recent Nuri crash as being bad weather even before the aircraft was found and investigation can be conducted. How convenient to blame it on El Nina or is it El Nino now, as even though weather can be named they cannot respond when blamed right! No need to find the real cause, because if the statement is taken hook, line and sinker by the public, no fuss will be raised and the problem can then be explained away, to fade into distant memory. And definitely no need to stamp everything as For Eyes Only! Top Secret! as such documents nowadays seems to have a pesky tendency to be leaked. Let the issue be spinned into oblivion is a better solution, right on! Hello there! At least get better spinmeisterslah! Give reasonable spin with believability factor; give your citizen some credit! An ignoramus lot we are not! We are aiming for Bangsa Terbilang you know, not numbered but outstandingla! Otherwise our days are really numbered.

Anyway you may be wondering why I am being cryptic. Simple la! Malaysian bloggers have been warned that we are not above the law. That is okaylah for those who may be spreading lies and slanders and inciting religious and racial tensions that will cause social unrest, but do not lump those who provide constructive criticism as the same aaaa. Do not be a shrinking willow, getting prickly when touched. When it is said that media should make constructive, objective, fair and factually based criticisms, do not expect that all that is said will smell of roses. Do not forget roses grow amongst thorns; so if you want to smell some, be prepared to get barbed! Enough said.

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