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Friday, 13 July 2007

Islam as reminded by a Convert Ustaz

Last night caught the tail end of an Islamic religious Program whereby the discussion was on the current practise of Islam. What caught my interest was what a Convert Ustaz said in the program. He was talking about how Islam these days is being practised on the extreme side and no longer as fundamental as it should be. Yup! Fundamental Islam is not the way the Western Civilisation is trying to paint it, that is actually extreme or radical Islam. This is shown by the shallow practise of not allowing a Moslem to practise even good manners, like when the Ustaz said he entered a church to give last respects to his friend, he was ostracized as if he did something fundamentally wrong. The fact is fundamental Islam allows such visits and in fact encourages it, in order to broaden a Moslem's views and show neighbourliness, as Fundamental Islam is a social religion rather than a shallow and callow one. The Ustaz said that if he follows these shallow thinking, if any unconverted relatives of his dies, he cannot visit the dead. What utter nonsense!

Real fundamental Islam is the middle path as espoused by our Nabi S.A.W., a tolerant and social religion that is never shallow in thinking and implementation. Why should anybody follow other thinking even if this was espoused by a Khalifah as in Wahhabism that is the root of radical Islam as it stands nowadays. Who understands Islam better, the Prophet S.A.W who brings the religion to his ummat or a later day Interpreter. As the Ustaz finally said, return to the fundamental and all will be well, as Islam is a beautiful religion so do not attach unnecessary notoriery to it. Well sometimes it takes someone from outside to see the real side of something, as even though you may be born a Moslem, you may still be a callow Moslem, that is an immature and naive Moslem. Think about it as to me you are free to disagree with me, but that does not mean you can on the other hand impose your views on me. Assalamualaikum! May you continously receive hidayah from Allah S.W.T!

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