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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Huh! Today am getting closer to the big 40. Is it time for me to think of which little red sports car should I buy when I hit my mid-life crisis ;>). Nah got better things to do than that. It is still another 17 years (that long huh) before I hit retirement age and be free of this salaried bondage. Until then has to think of what the hell I am gonna do for the rest of my working life.

One step at a time. Today just lay back and bask in the congratulations received of achieving another milestone to my grave (credits to Mat Toro for that). Already did lunch with my unit, finally managing to have the gridled fish near Mindef. The taste was okay, nothing to write home about although the preparation was a little different than usual, using a tumeric baste instead of the usual chilly baste.

Then we will see what awaits me at home, maybe there is a cake waiting?Am sure the missus will prepare something good for dinner although the actual birthday treat will be done during the weekend. What food shall I have then. But once you hit this age you no longer think of gifts or presents eh, so might as well think about the little sports car right! Maybe a Toyota MR2 Spyder is in the works! Well you can dream, can't you! A recondioned unit should be good enough to drive around in, especially with the roof down. That should paint the neighbourhood red! And leave many faces green with envy!

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