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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Going On The Road - Literally

Sheesh! I am getting too old for this. It looks like I will be going on a business trip next week, to Penang. No big deal right! But the bummer is instead of taking a nice MAS flight I will be going by car just because the boss hates flying since he cannot smoke on board. So if it is within the peninsular, he prefers we go on road trips instead of flying. Alamakla boss...sakit pinggangla driving just to cater to your smoking habits. Why not try smoking something else instead. There are so many things you can do to pass your time la.

Well we might as well make a good thing out of this. For sure after checking in, I will ask the driver to go down to Chowrasta Market and we will be buying stuff to take home. At least this time we will get a square meal and good hotel stay in comparison to the last road trip we made to Malacca. Owch! That is something I don't want to remember.

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